aboutUsing the right words can make the difference to your success.  If you’re not using the right words, you’re not sending the right message about you or your brand. I can help you find those words and create compelling and straight forward copy that captures your audience.

My professional experiences in the retail and IT industries have presented me with plenty of tough challenges. In both worlds, I’ve found that badly communicated messages are often at the root of these challenges. I’ve also found that when I did the work to pull out the true messages and present them in language my audience related to, quick connections, better coordination and lasting relationships followed.

I’m Karen Knight, founder of Karen Knight Copy and I help businesses and individuals raise their copy game by finding the message and words that will touch their audience and compel them to action.

When I started out as a manager in a retail department store, I was clueless about getting my staff and the other teams I worked with to understand and do the jobs that were being asked of them. I found teams and individuals in the teams often working at cross purposes and time being wasted because activities weren’t coordinated. Clear communication was lacking and it made getting simple things done seem impossible.

It was difficult to keep myself from getting bogged down in the mire of day-to-day tasks without addressing the real problem but I managed to make myself rise above the fray to get the real picture of what was going wrong; it was all down to communication and the messages being sent.

There has been a lot of trial and error since then but because of that realization about communication, all of my efforts in working with people and moving them to action focus on what message they need and the words that will make that message clear and compelling.
I’ve had to wear many hats in over 15 years of occupying management roles. I’ve been the process driver, the team leader, the stock girl, the merchandiser, the business analyst, the risk assessor . . . the list goes on but the most important and impactful hat I’ve worn has been that of the communicator. I figured out that how a message is wrapped could mean the difference between failure and success.
If you knew that making that connection with your potential clients, followers or employer was down to knowing the right words to say, wouldn’t you want to find them?

I can help you find those words, whether they live in you or you need me to write them for you. I can be the difference between your audience staying for more or turning away.

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Some personal attention to get you to understand and write the copy you need.

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Proofreading and editing

The second pair of eyes and finesse you need to give your copy that finishing touch.

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Original Copy

Let me do the work for you.
My copy, created just for you.

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