New Website Launch!

Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting my website and taking a minute to learn more about me and Karen Knight Copy.

This is my first blog post in honor of the KKC website launch and I am mega-excited to be starting this new journey. I thought I’d start things off by telling you about myself and the path that has brought me here with you.

I grew up in Virginia then lived and worked in New Jersey for twelve years before moving to England, in 2010, after marrying my charming husband, Andy (he can’t help it, he’s a musician and English).

Most of my time in England has been spent in the sleepy Southwest county of Devon but Andy and I made the move to the big smoke (back in April) and have settled in North London.

The past five or six years has been a whirlwind of discovery for me both personally and professionally and I am keen to share my experiences with you as the world turns and life continues to evolve.

So what has brought me to this point? Why copywriting? Why self-employment? Why now?

Well, I spent the twelve years before I left the States working in retail management. This afforded me the opportunity to work with a diverse group of interesting and resourceful people in a consistently demanding industry. Working in customer service requires a particular combination of stamina, steel and grace and I was fortunate enough to learn, survive and even thrive. As rich and rewarding as my experience was, I found myself yearning for something new and different though breaking into a new field always felt out of reach and I had no clue what change I wanted to make anyway.

Then I met Andy at the back end of 2008 (via Facebook, if you’re interested) and before I knew it, I was making the decision to get married and move to England. The opportunity to make that change I had been longing for had finally presented itself and I uncharacteristically took the not-so-safe option (eeeek!). I moved to England not having a clue about what I would be doing or what I was getting myself into.

That first year was tough but I managed to land a job pulling pints in the little town where Andy grew up and found a full-time job as a building society teller in the nearby city of Exeter. It was back to customer service but with a British twist. I am ever grateful that the gods saw fit to bestow on me both gigs as they brought me into the community and helped me make loads of kind and wacky friends.

After that first year, we moved into Exeter and another year later, I found myself embarking on yet another adventure which was a career change and move into the IT field. I began work as a release manager for the Met Office and was there for two and a half years before recently moving to London where Andy will be able to concentrate on building his brand as a full-time professional musician.

Though I’ve been fortunate enough to land in another release management role to pay the bills, recently I’ve found myself doing some soul searching and realizing that I want to use my talents to build something for myself and take the reins of my life and future.

This is how I’ve come to copywriting. My professional experience has given me a lot of insight into who I am, what I enjoy and in what capacity I am able to help others. Turns out, I’m a great listener and communicator and a dab hand at organization and coordination. I can eliminate the noise to find the message that matters. And oh yeah . . . I love the written word and the stories they bring to life. My story is my power. It is the collection of everything that I am and my introduction to the world.

That’s what your story is. Your message, your heart, your power. With me, you can have it all.

Stop in for regular updates on how my copywriting adventure is going or to check out my services and how I can help you find your message and your power.

This is going to be an amazing chapter. I can’t wait to get started.

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